About Us

Test Logics Sdn Bhd

The union of embedded and PC architecture skill and the long time experience spent inside the laboratories of semiconductors manufacturers, allow us to have today a special know how to develop semiconductor test systems for Discreet Semiconductor products, IC and Board System.

We carry out a complete design including hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical parts; all the projects are our property.

Today we offer the DT-system series, a modular testers family, synthesis of the testers produced in the past and the new HW and SW structure we developed to achieve higher modularity and growing capability, in order to satisfy a wide variety of test specifications and cost saving requirements.

All TESTLOGICS testers have two working environments: laboratory (password protected environment to define, debug and run testprograms, inspectable scope function, characterization oriented loops) and production (easy to use environment, exportable results collection and scope traces, labels and reports printout).

The modular structure of the DT-system series allows to perform different kind of tests (static and dynamic tests, high currents, high voltages, gate parameters) in a single run, on single or multi device modules. The same tester can be configured to fit different module setups.